Atlas Axilla honours teachers through its Guru Garu Teacher Appreciation Program

In a heartwarming initiative to recognize and celebrate the unwavering dedication of teachers in Sri Lanka, Atlas Axilla, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, proudly presented the Guru Garu Teacher Appreciation Program on October 5, 2023. This event, held for teachers in the Western Province of the island, paid tribute to over 250 educators who have devoted their lives to shaping the future of the nation.  

Teachers have always played a vital role in shaping the learning ecosystem and Atlas has recognised that their devotion and invaluable contributions deserve far greater recognition and appreciation. The Guru Garu Teacher Appreciation Program is an initiative to celebrate these unsung heroes, all while bridging the gap in the lack of teacher recognition initiatives in Sri Lanka. 

One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of several awards, designed to honour outstanding teachers in different categories. The “Sunflower Yellow Award” was bestowed upon teachers whose students showcased the best handwriting in both primary and secondary levels. In addition, the “Atlas Creative Award” was presented to teachers whose students achieved excellence in art, once again recognizing both primary and secondary level educators. Furthermore, the event featured the presentation of six other Atlas Awards, each serving as a symbol of appreciation and encouragement for teachers. 

Asitha Samaraweera, Managing Director, Atlas Axilla stated, “In celebrating the unwavering dedication of our teachers through Guru Garu Teacher Appreciation, we are reminded of their vital role in shaping the future. From 2019 onwards, we faced several challenges, from the pandemic to the economic crisis. Yet, our alliance with the Ministry of Education stood as a beacon of resilience, enabling impactful initiatives like Sipsavi, which offered scholarships ensuring equal education access. Furthermore, our ventures into teacher training and launching Atlas Learn, offering free online education across the island, underscore our enduring commitment to shaping Sri Lanka’s educational ecosystem”. 

Meanwhile, Minister of Education Susil Premajayantha added, “As I reflect on this event, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and hope. This elegant celebration on Teachers’ Day not only uplifts our teachers’ spirits but significantly contributes to the vibrant educational fabric of our nation. The camaraderie between Atlas and the Ministry of Education has always been strong, marked by a shared vision for nurturing the potential of our youth. The support extended by Atlas during the economic crisis was invaluable. By ensuring a steady supply of stationery, even amidst foreign currency constraints, they have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our children’s education. Their Light a Future initiative, which provided stationery to 40,000 young minds during those trying times, is a testament to their dedication. Partners like these invigorate our nation’s journey toward a brighter, more educated future. I thank Atlas for their tireless efforts and look forward to fostering this impactful collaboration to improve Sri Lanka’s educational ecosystem,” 

At Atlas Axilla, teachers are viewed as essential figures not only for their students but also for parents and the community at large. Building strong relationships with teachers has always been a cornerstone of Atlas’s philosophy, recognizing that they are pivotal in shaping the fabric of society. By showing genuine appreciation for the tireless efforts of these educators, Atlas Axilla has reaffirmed their critical role in moulding the lives of the youth and inspiring them to achieve their fullest potential. 

The Guru Garu Teacher Appreciation Program serves as a testament to Atlas’ commitment to the cause of education and a profound respect for the teaching profession. The company takes great pride in standing alongside the Ministry of Education amidst the presence of Nimal Jayaweera, Education Director, Western Province, in honouring the teachers of Sri Lanka and celebrating their invaluable contributions. 


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