FAQs - Atlas SipSavi Stationery Donation Initiative

SipSavi is a special programme conducted by Atlas that helps underprivileged children gain access to education and necessary learning material they need to progress on their learning journeys. Funded fully by Atlas, company works together with Ministry of Women and Child Care Services and Sri Lanka’s education authorities to ensure that the benefits of Atlas SipSavi reach the most deserving children.

This is a new initiative to help expand the reach of SipSavi. It allows for anyone to donate stationery and back-to-school supplies towards children in need. What makes it special is that you can choose exactly what you want to donate and, whatever you choose, Atlas will add 25% extra stationary to your donation, helping you to give more to Sri Lanka’s most underprivileged children.

It’s very simple. Simply call us up on 0771 410 410 and place your donation order by telephone. We will charge you only 75% of your order value and Atlas will cover the remaining 25% of the cost of the donation.

If you wish to see the full range of Atlas products before you decide on your donation, please visit https://atlas.lk/myshop.

Absolutely. Provided it is available on the Atlas MyShop digital store, you can choose exactly what you would like to donate.

Absolutely. Your donation will be delivered to whomever you wish.

Yes. The minimum donation is LKR 2,000/-.

Two working days. Your order will be processed and delivered to the address you provide within this time.