Making Learning Fun

Where there’s learning, there’s Atlas. Whether it’s our eye-catching exercise books, vibrant pastels or our infamous Chooty pens, our products play an inseparable role in the daily lives of millions of students.

Because we understand that studying can sometimes be stressful, we have made it our purpose to ‘make learning fun’. We know children learn better when they’re engaged and interested. By producing the most innovative, safest, and trendiest products, we strive to ensure children enjoy discovering facts and figures as they uncover and make sense of the world around them.

We also work closely with the Government of Sri Lanka, teachers, academics, parents and children, to figure out the best ways of transforming studying into learning, in the hope of cultivating smart and curious life-long students. By living our purpose, we hope to help each mind reach its full potential, making the future of our nation bright and prosperous!