Atlas marks a milestone in Sri Lanka’s education by partnering with the National College of Education.

As Sri Lanka’s leading learning brand, Atlas is committed to enhancing the quality of education, ensuring equitable learning opportunities, and improving well-being. With these goals in sight, Atlas has launched Gurugaru to engage with the key stakeholders in Sri Lanka’s learning ecosystem.   

Gurugaru is much more than a program. Recognizing the vital role teachers play in shaping Sri Lanka’s future, Atlas has taken a unique approach with its Gurugaru initiative. Apart from facilitating teachers, Atlas has also focused on student-teachers who will be at the forefront of education in the coming years.  

This strategic focus begins with Atlas’ partnership with Hapitigam National College of Education. Through this initiative, Atlas aims to provide these future educators with the resources, skills, and appreciation they deserve. These aren’t just materials and workshops; they’re tools of empowerment for the next generation of teaching professionals in Sri Lanka.  

Signed on August 17th, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Atlas and the Hapitigam National College of Education marks the formal beginning of this impactful journey. With Gurugaru, Atlas is not merely recognizing teachers as the unsung heroes of society but is actively investing in their growth and capabilities.  

This unique partnership with NCOE has many benefits for future teachers. Atlas offers educational tools crafted to elevate the teaching experience, provides Gurugaru scholarships for financial support, and sponsors resources to cultivate Activity-Based Learning within the educational system further.  

The Managing Director, Mr. Asitha Samaraweera, Atlas Axillia Company (Pvt) Ltd, encapsulated the excitement, “Teachers are the pillars that sustain Sri Lanka’s educational ecosystem and future. As the leading learning brand, we recognize our role extends beyond providing learning tools. Our collaboration with educational institutions, including the Ministry of Education, has empowered us to launch programs like Gurugaru. This is part of our greater mission to uplift the quality of education and make learning fun. We’re not just aiming to shape education today, but to help children achieve their dreams and potentials, ultimately creating a brighter future for Sri Lanka.”  

Atlas’s partnership with the NCOE is not just a timely initiative but a long-term investment that promises to benefit generations. By empowering educators today, Atlas lays the groundwork for a more equitable, quality-focused, and enjoyable educational experience for every Sri Lankan child. 

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