Atlas wins ‘School Supply Brand of the Year 2023’ at the SLIM-Kantar People’s Awards for the fourth consecutive time, a token of the unwavering love from Sri Lankan moms and fathers.

Sri Lanka’s leading learning brand, Atlas, reaffirmed its unwavering popularity amongst parents as Atlas clinched the ‘School Supply Brand of the Year’ award for the fourth consecutive year at the prestigious SLIM-Kantar People’s Awards 2023. 

Atlas’s purpose is beyond providing school supplies. The brand’s purpose is to make learning fun. Atlas believes that a child’s learning environment is crucial to their success, and that is why the brand strives to surround children with vibrant books and pencils that spark their imagination.  

Moreover, Atlas understands the importance of ensuring that every Sri Lankan child has access to quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. Atlas has launched several timely initiatives, such as Atlas Sipsavi, Gurugaru, Atlas Learn, and Light a Future, to help bridge the education gap and ensure that no child is left behind on their learning journey. 

Mr. Asitha Samaraweera, the Managing Director of Atlas Axillia Company Private Limited expressed his gratitude, “We are humbled by the continued consumer appreciation of this beloved brand. Atlas has been serving the nation’s children for over 60 years as the leading school supply brand. Hence, this unwavering love for Atlas is bestowed from generation to generation. Today, we have transformed from a stationary brand to a learning brand that delivers our brand promise through continuous, timely innovations, purpose initiatives, and seamless learning experiences. Through our purpose, we define who we are by influencing what we create and our social impact. Our product development and innovation approach has a clear purpose, enabling us to create engaging and enriching learning experiences that align with early childhood development goals.”    

With ongoing support from the education eco system of parents, educators and authorities, Atlas is deeply committed to ensure that every child receives the necessary support in their educational journey, enabling them to pursue their dreams for many years.

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