Atlas Partners with Historic Ridi Viharaya to Empower 2300 Schoolchildren for 20th Consecutive Year

Atlas, a leading learning brand in Sri Lanka, recently conducted its annual donation under the patronage of Ridi Viharaya, Kurunegala for the 20th consecutive year. Driven by the Atlas SipSavi initiative, the donation provided essential learning tools to 2,300 students across underserved communities in Sri Lanka, who are in dire need of academic support.

Reiterating their purpose to ‘make learning fun’, Atlas SipSavi (no child is left behind) addresses various disparities and difficulties faced by numerous school children from poverty stricken families. The initiative largely contributes towards the nation’s efforts to provide equitable access to learning opportunities for all Sri Lankan children, and resources to further empower students to continue their vital school education despite economic uncertainties. By taking large strides to ensure an equitable and sustainable future, the Atlas SipSavi initiative enables deserving youngsters to reach their fullest potential and helps them secure better opportunities for the future.

Commenting on the timely initiative, Mr. Indrajith Binduhewa, Director Sales, Atlas Axillia stated, “As a company that’s fully committed to facilitating the future generation of Sri Lanka with equal access to essential learning tools, we are honored to conduct our annual donation with the Ridi Viharaya, Kurunegala for the 20th year in a row. Through Atlas SipSavi, we have been able to empower numerous children across Sri Lanka and we will continue to encourage their educational pursuits. By nurturing and aiding the development of our children, we hope to inculcate a positive change for the future generation of our nation.”

Ven. Thibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Buddharakkhitha Thero, Member of the Winsadwargika Bhikku Committee of the Malwatu Chapter of the Syamopali Maha Nikaya of the Mahavihara Ancestry, and the Chief Incumbent of Ancient Lewella Raja Maha Viharaya and Ridi Viharaya Temples stated, “Atlas has continued to support our children for almost two decades and has undoubtedly showcased their determination to empower Sri Lanka’s future generation of leaders. I pray that they are given the strength and courage, to extend this initiative to more communities and continue to provide their vital support for years to come.”

Atlas SipSavi focuses on improving access to education through the provision of financial aid, essential learning tools and better learning environments, thereby helping Sri Lankan children reach their fullest potential. By means of providing schoolchildren with scholarships, donations of school supplies and spearheading the critical development of school infrastructures, Atlas SipSavi continues to transform the future landscape of Sri Lanka by supporting the right to education and inspiring Sri Lankan children island-wide.

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