Close to 60 years, Atlas Axillia has been instrumental in fostering creativity among children in Sri Lanka. The company has consistently supported the concept of encouraging arts and crafts and creativity towards developing a holistic personality in children.


The Atlas Axillia Activity Zone at The Colombo International Book Fair this year was based on the concept of making dreams come true; Atlas World of Dreams generated much interest and engagement among children with innovative and creative activations that gave children the opportunity to experience creativity first hand.


“We at Atlas Axillia have always believed in empowering children through the mediums of self-expression and creativity” says Mrs. Ramani Samarasundera of Atlas Axillia, “Creativity is a powerful concept that motivates children and brings out the best in them.”


The Longest Drawing gave every child the opportunity to add his or her creativity using Atlas Pastels; it was a novel idea that caught the attention of many children and gave them a platform for participation and over 600meters of art expressions has been captured in the 10 days.


Magical Water World was yet another unique concept in which children under the age of 10 could draw a fish with Atlas Colour Pens, which was then visible in a three dimensional setting, as if their drawing came to life.


Dream Wall was another innovative activation that invited children to write their dreams and ambitions on a wall with Atlas Chooty pens; they could then dress up in a costume depicting their choice of a career and pose for photographs.


Uncommon Career Path caught the attention of children as a concept that featured the inspiring story of an uncommon professional – a personality who has risen to the top in an uncommon yet successful area of career. It was of importance for children and parents to be able to grasp the significance of all careers, especially those outside the traditional paths and review life hacks of those who have achieved success that way.


Children actively participated in pencil games, Bottle Ring Toss games with Atlas water bottles, write a story and many other activities that kept them enthralled.  One such game, Guess the Career, invited the children to write their dream on a piece of paper while the parent was looking away. The parent was then asked to guess what the child’s dream is – the matching answers won prizes.


There were games that encouraged children to provide creative solutions to puzzles, games and craft challenges, encouraging them to think outside the box.


Under the Atlas Axillia Light a Dream CSR initiative, the Company invited all visitors to the Book Fair to hand in their used exercise books which would then be recycled towards providing new books for children from low income categories.



“Atlas Axillia World of Dreams empowers children to achieve their dreams and goals by encouraging creativity”, says Mr. Asitha Samaraweera MD of Atlas Axillia, “Today’s children face a challenging future that will be fueled by innovation and creativity. Atlas will be that supporter and encourager that will light the way for them and enable them to reach their dreams.”

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