Atlas Walks Away with 30 Awards at National Convention on Quality and Productivity

Atlas Axillia, is proud to announce that it has won a total of 30 awards at the recently concluded National Convention on Quality and Productivity 2020 (NCQP). The event was organized and hosted by the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Quality and Productivity. Working together, all 30 teams participated from Atlas Axillia collectively walked away with 25 Gold Awards, 02 Silver Awards and 03 Bronze Awards. The teams of Atlas Axillia comprised of individuals from various departments including Operations, Finance, HR, Sales, IT and Supply Chain.

A total of 249 teams from various sectors participated in the competition, which judged the efforts of companies that strive for excellence in quality and productivity.

Atlas Axillia, from its inception, has continually striven for the highest standards in quality, productivity, efficiency and sustainability by adopting world class practices driven by lean technology. Today, the company is the largest manufacturer and marketer of stationary and back to school supplies, deftly providing all Sri Lankans with world class tools for learning and work, while making learning fun and interactive. Thus, receiving these awards is a significant achievement and serves to highlight the dedication of the Atlas family to always ensuring the best in quality and efficiency. The Company’s passion for lean principles and practices has spread across the organization and is the driving force behind its quest for excellence. In the past year alone, over 170 lean projects and over 5,000 everyday innovations have helped successfully transform Atlas Axillia’s manufacturing processes, enhancing quality and improving productivity.

The Sri Lanka association for the Advancement of Quality and Productivity is the premier organization that promotes quality and productivity concepts in the Island. Its annual NCQP event is organized to promote quality and productivity concepts such as Lean Six Sigma, Cross Functional Teams and other revolutionary ideas.


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