One Click to Shop for Your Child’s Entire Booklist Safely with Atlas Myshop

Sri Lanka’s most loved learning brand and largest manufacturer of stationery and back to school products, Atlas, is proud to announce the launch of its very own online store, Atlas Myshop. The digital store was officially launched on 22nd December 2020 by Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson – Group CEO at Hemas Holdings PLC, where she made the first official purchase. Accessible 24/7 via, Atlas Myshop provides futuristic convenience and a seamless shopping experience, just in time for parents looking to prepare their children for the upcoming school year. Purchase your entire booklist for all grades right now, safely and conveniently, from the comfort of home, by simply logging on to With Atlas Myshop, all your stationery and back to school needs are now just a safe click away.

Speaking about the launch of Atlas Myshop, Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson said, “As a mother myself, I remember how taxing back-to-school shopping used to be. So, the convenience of simply doing the entire booklist at once online is quite amazing. At Hemas, we are driven by a unifying purpose across the group, and Atlas Myshop is in keeping with it. We are making healthful living happen by providing a safe, convenient and efficient platform for all your back-to-school shopping.”

Discussing the launch of the online store, Asitha Samaraweera, Managing Director at Atlas Axillia Co. (Private) Limited said, “This is a landmark achievement for Atlas, as Atlas Myshop provides a safe, interactive and convenient way to access stationery, back to school and other learning products.  We are committed to always being Sri Lanka’s most accessible learning brand and with Atlas Myshop, we are now taking that commitment one step further. In addition to convenience and embracing digital technology, we are also happy to be able to enhance the safety of our communities, by enabling parents and children to do their booklists and back to school shopping from the comfort of their homes and through a single, seamless portal, without unnecessary exposure at this time. We are proud to take this new step forward and invite all our consumers to join us on this journey.”

Atlas Myshop is housed at, the company’s main portal. Thus, in addition to stationery and back to school items, parents and children can also access several online resources for learning that stimulate young minds and make the journey of learning fun and engaging. These resources cover various areas including arts and crafts and even fun and effective learning materials for the challenging Grade 5 Scholarship Examination.

Atlas Axillia Co. (Private) Limited, formerly known as Ceylon Pencil Company (Private) Limited, was founded in 1959 and has since grown to become Sri Lanka’s market leader in school stationery manufacturing. Fuelled by a passion for making learning fun, “Atlas” has created a strong connection with Sri Lankan consumers, being voted No. 1 School Supply Brand of the year 2020 at the People’s Choice Awards and has also recently won many national and international awards for excellence including the National Quality Award 2018 and the Global Performance Excellence Award 2019.

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