Today’s students face challenges unseen by previous generations. They interact with technology and its advancements, often receive an information overload and have to manage their studies while facing many challenges in a highly competitive environment.


All over the world, experts believe that encouraging children to fine tune their creative skills can contribute towards holistic development. Engaging in creative pursuits such as art, hand work and related pursuits are said to empower children in empathic learning and development, enabling each one to become a star in his or her own right.


“Encouraging and fostering creativity among students is not just a mechanism to help bring out the best in them but it is also an avenue that enhances the potential of each student,” says Ramani Samarasundera of Atlas Axillia, Sri Lanka’s leading brand of stationary and manufactures of arts and craft equipment, “Inspiring students to engage with creative pursuits empowers them to expand their potential and develop their wellbeing.”


Having worked with teachers over the years, Atlas Axillia believe that creative activities such as colouring encourages children to develop fine motor skills and improve their hand and eye co-ordination. “In addition, colouring helps children in developing concentration while improving colour recognition. It also enables them to develop a sense of achievement which can improve their personality development.”


“Imaginative activities such as colouring, handwork etc stimulates creativity in children” adds an educational expert, “ Such creativity also encourages their spatial awareness, helping them to express themselves better and improve their structural skills. Colouring has the power to enable children to connect with their environment, helping them to see their world in colour.”


Fostering creative pursuits among children and teachers have been a passion close to the heart of Atlas Axillia ; for over 50 years, the Company has been involved in developing a product range that meet changing student needs and aspirations.

“ The Atlas Axillia team connects constantly with child centered developments ; we try to gain insights into how student needs change with time and with age – throughout our history as a company, we have strived to deliver the best possible products that encourage and empower student communities in Sri Lanka” says Mr Asitha Samaraweera, CEO of Atlas Axillia in conclusion.

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