Ever since our inception in 1959, Atlas has become a brand that’s synonymous with excellence. Throughout the years, Atlas has embellished its brand essence by crafting bespoke products that have helped Sri Lanka’s younger generation to embrace their vast potential.

Like any true corporate conglomerate, Atlas has given back to the community by investing in generous Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors such as conducting blood donations, offering staff welfare programs, book donations, and financial assistance to schools and children’s societies dotted around the nation. Other programs such as the Atlas Sith Ru Art Competition are veritable endeavors that serve to foster a sense of community and creativity in the younger generation.

Indubitably it must be stated that the foundation of such a strong and prosperous company is its staff. As the employee landscape has evolved and changed over the years, Atlas, as a corporate market leader, which is an equal opportunity employer, has taken steps to provide an environment that values creativity and productivity. Besides offering training programs that are skill-based and are of a highly technical in nature, much has been done to foster a creative and open culture whether the embracing of ideas is highly valued and respected.

The company has also made successful forays into Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Seychelles, Philippines, and Egypt. In order to remain relevant and competitive in foreign markets the company, the company invests in training, adherence with regards to global standards and certifications. The ASTM D-4236 for art materials, EN 71-3 non-toxic product certificates, ISO 9001.2008 for the total quality management system, ISO 18001 for occupational health & safety assessment series, 5S, visual management and Kaizen, and Lean management approaches are some of the processors strongly inculcated in company ethos. Besides also fostering a sense of team spirit, many staff activities like annual trips, sports day, outbound training sessions and karaoke nights are part and parcel of this rich mosaic of company culture that’s intrinsically Atlas.


Value Achievements

24th Most Respected Business in Sri Lanka

ISO Certification -
ISO 9001:2008 Awarded by the Det Norske Vertitas

The best performance in Printing Training -
Year 2012 – Awarded by INGRIN Institute of Printing Academy.

5S Award -
‘Taiko Akimoto 5S’ awarded by Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association. (Years 2008, 2009, 2010)


To be the most creative design oriented brand for school & office products in emerging markets.


To be the number one creative brand in learning products through a process of cutting edge design & sassy branding. Striving for least cost by implementing lean processes and offering customers excellent service in emerging markets through in-depth distribution.